Centivest Capital Small Business Acquisition & Turnaround

Who will most likely qualify for membership in the Business Development Professionals Alliance (BDPA):

  • Professional service providers or business owners from mid-market B2Bs
  • B2B Companies: directors of business development
  • Commercial Lenders/Business Bankers: presidents, C-level executives, EVPs/SVPs
  • Business Attorneys: partners or principals
  • CPAs: partners, principals or presidents
  • Commercial Insurance Brokers: managing partners, principals or presidents
  • Valuation Firms: partners, principals or presidents
  • Commercial Printers: partners, principals or presidents
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers: managing partners, principals or CEOs
  • Consulting Firms: managing partners, principals or CEOs
  • Investment Bankers: managing partners, principals or CEOs
  • IT (Networking, Security, CRM, SaaS, Custom Solutions): managing partners, principals or CEOs
  • Marketing/PR Agencies: managing partners, principals or CEOs
  • Industrial Markets: directors of business development
  • Other B2B Channel Partners: directors of business development

Who will not be considered for membership:

“Direct sellers” (a.k.a. network marketers/multi-level marketers/MLM); tradespeople; most B2B/B2C inside sales and most B2C outside salespeople; residential-only real estate agents; mortgage brokers; consumer-only insurance agents; travel agents; consumer-only bankers; consumer attorneys, such as personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal and family law; health and fitness industry workers, including doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, mental health practitioners, personal trainers, and home healthcare agency employees; national/regional firm financial planners and advisers; oil and gas and real estate investment salespeople; most franchisees; non-business owners; academics; most entertainers; most professional athletes; rank-and-file non-profit and public-sector employees and those who sell to the public sector.

Who might qualify for membership (on a case-by-case basis):

Executives of non-profits with a meaningful number of business owners and corporate executives as members with whom they are in regular, meaningful contact; certain government officials, such as those elected or appointed to office and those in procurement; media workers, such as broadcast news anchors, broadcast reporters, newspaper and magazine reporters and columnists, and local business bloggers; boutique financial planners and advisers; certain high-end B2C salespeople, such as those selling or leasing luxury vehicles, aircraft and luxury watercraft; certain franchisees who sell B2B products and services; and professional athletes who own a B2B business with at least ten employees.