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Just because your business customers have been paying on time, doesn’t mean they will continue to do so – given the uncertainties of the current economic climate…

The only way to gauge the true financial health of your business customers and prospects is through a trusted third-party! But there’s a problem with the usual ways of doing this.

An audited financial statement prepared by a CPA shows the annual condition of a business at that moment only. The condition of that business can change instantly in today’s fluid world.

Ordinary commercial credit rating services only show a company’s payment history, and not a company’s overall financial, legal, and reputation picture.

And because these services often rely on data supplied by the company – and not independently verified – they may not be accurate and can be seriously out of date.

Therefore, you MUST have a process for evaluating the ongoing creditworthiness of your current and prospective customers if you want to survive and prosper in this, or any, economic climate.

Fortunately, there is an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective way to evaluate the ongoing creditworthiness of your current and prospective customers – Third-Party Risk Intelligence (TPRI).

Originating from thousands of data points across multiple vetted financial, industry, and news sources, our TPRI platform monitors, gathers and analyzes this critical information to create and present 38+ different priority scores. These proprietary algorithms and cumulative processes are delivered through a low-cost subscription-based service that is seamless and efficient.

Think of our TPRI platform as a “financial virus detector” that gives you the current and reliable data you need with a few mouse clicks. Our simple, easy-to-understand interface gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the health of your customers and prospects so you can make prudent credit decisions before problems develop.

We offer three complimentary Financial Risk Reports to qualified financial institutions and other B2B businesses that want to see how Third-Party Risk Intelligence can manage and mitigate their financial exposure.

The reports can be run on any business customer or prospect. All we need is the company name and address. The identities of the three companies will be kept confidential and will contain all the data that you’ll get with our paid service. We will go over the reports with you and give you copies.

Click here to schedule a phone call with Third-Party Credit Risk Analyst Nick Nichols to get your reports.

It’s not how much you sell.

It’s how much you collect that counts!